WITC was founded in 1973 as a public sector, non-profit, educational forum whose purpose is to improve cooperation, operations and delivery of services at all levels of government by promoting increased knowledge, improved management methods and more efficient use of information and telecommunications resources, services, and technologies. Through our affiliation with the Western Governor’s Association we serve IT professionals throughout the 21 Western states and US-Flag Pacific Islands. WITC is also affiliated with the Federation of Government Information Processing Councils (FGIPC).

FGIPC was originally created by Executive Order of the President of the United States on June 28, 1966, and a congressional resolution contained in H.R 4845, 89th Congress. Today FGIPC is a not-for-profit corporation established in December 1979 to facilitate and encourage professional communication between organizations of the government information technology (IT) community located across the country, between those organizations and industry, and between those organizations and central management (regulatory and oversight) agencies in Washington, DC. For more information on FGIPC go to colour flash torch.